Ray Johnson

Ray has an unparalleled ability to bring a strategic vision from discussion to reality as our Chief Operating Officer. Having held leadership roles in several prominent organizations, she brings a strong commitment to cross-functional alignment, coordination, and communication.

Earl Kleckner

Earl’s extensive experience working with investors spans decades in various roles within client service and business development. Combined with a curious and open-minded nature, his insights are consistently sought after by his peers and colleagues, both inside and outside of the firm.

Jia Ye, PhD

Jia represents the best of what can happen when you blend the thoughtful, careful, skeptical eye of an academic with the practical, goal-driven will of an entrepreneur.

Edgar Peters

“The most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to truly understanding long-term market history,” one colleague says of Ed, an interesting view given his early career as a true quant’s quant, writing books on fractal analysis, chaos theory and complexity theory.

Dori Levanoni

Dori is a consummate communicator. With a deep and broad knowledge of the markets, and a physicist’s ability to boil complex issues down to their critical elements, Dori is a trusted source of advice both within and outside the company.

Max Darnell

Max’s thought-provoking style – carefully cultivating intellectual friction alongside truly constructive engagement – has made it possible for a group of talented, spirited individuals to come together and thrive as a team.

Jeppe Ladekarl

Colleagues describe Jeppe as a model of “constructive engagement,” always challenging himself and others to question assumptions and resist the easy answers, while working constructively with them to find the best solutions.

Joel Brouwer

Joel is known for getting it done. He brings over 20 years of experience in investment operations, portfolio management, securities accounting and back office processing, having overseen the investment operations of one of the US’ largest insurers prior to First Quadrant.